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Mission and vision

To be a reliable European logistics (solution) provider with a customer-driven approach, with respect for people, product, and environment. 


Our core values  

Focus on customers and results: customers are the reason for our existence; they deserve excellent tailored services.  Respect: for our customers, partners, environment (sustainability), and each other. 



Founded by Frank van Nuffel in 2015.

After a 25-year career at a leading importer in Belgium, Frank decided in 2015 to use his administrative logistics background to incorporate his own company providing logistics services to manufacturers and importers.  

In April 2015, Fresh Flow, a logistics service provider, was born and was off to a flying start thanks to the immediate arrival of an important customer. Thanks to the right focus on service and the quality of the logistics services, new customers soon joined. Additional staff was acquired to meet this growth. Despite the fact that Fresh Flow developed into a healthy company, it encountered the limitations that come with a “small” company, which obstructed the continued growth of the company.

For this reason, the decision was made in November 2020 to embed the future of Fresh Flow in the Food Associates Group. Thanks to the support provided by the various departments of the group, Fresh Flow can focus even more on the core business of logistics and on providing even better services to the customers. This ensures the future of Fresh Flow as an independent logistics provider. We are ready for the future and further growth, more than ever before.


Fresh Flow embeds its future in the Food Associates Group

Fresh Flow BV, logistics service provider for national and international producers of food products and refrigerated fresh products, ensures its future and growth ambitions by joining the Food Associates Group NV, the holding above food companies Bio Bakkerij De Trog BV and Delisol BV. 

Fresh Flow was incorporated in 2015 by Frank van Nuffel and has developed into the perfect logistics hub for both foreign food companies without a logistics centre in Belgium and for Belgian trade firms looking for a reliable logistics partner.


As a 4PL logistics partner, Fresh Flow does not only offer the customer storage, picking, and transport options, but also conducts VAL (Value Added Logistics) activities like co-packing, labelling, and best-by spraying, as well as contributing ideas to the customers about the logistics chain of their goods.  Fresh Flow can also take care of the role of forecasting and planning. Moreover, Fresh Flow also keeps an eye on new logistics trends and challenges of the future! Fresh Flow is established in Willebroek. 

Frank van Nuffel: founder and CEO of Fresh Flow: “Throughout the years, I noticed that many (food) companies are looking for a flexible and reliable logistics partner. Fresh Flow answers these needs. Thanks to the operational and financial support of the Food Associates Group, we can provide even better services to our customers and serve as a comprehensive partner for their logistics challenges. Both organisations have the same values, such as sustainable entrepreneurship and an eye for quality. I will remain as the CEO of Fresh Flow, filled with ambition.” 

Stijn Switten, President of Food Associates Group: “Delisol, our trade firm in marinated vegetables, has been working with Fresh Flow for many years now. Both for Delisol and the many other customers of Fresh Flow, a flexible and reliable logistics service provider near the end-consumer is a key success factor. We are convinced that Fresh Flow has plenty of growth potential. By joining the Food Associates Group, we give Fresh Flow all opportunities for continuing to develop in an independent manner.”

If you have any questions, please contact:
•    Fresh Flow: Frank Van Nuffel, +3234857520
•    Food Associates Group: Stijn Switten,, +3257229902


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Victor Dumonlaan 4, 2800 Mechelen, Belgium

+32 15 71 55 14

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